Now isn’t that what you always wished to be?

smartclass CTS is a teacher’s wish come true teaching system. Remarkably easy to use, and loaded with a wealth of resources and tools, it is just what your hard earned expertise has always deserved. No longer will you be stranded with a poor chalk to draw and explain how the DNA replicates, no longer will you struggle to grab attention of 12 year olds, struggle with insufficient laboratory time and students’ need to understand experiments or grope in the dark for a good teaching idea for those rare times when the mind goes blank.

smartclass CTS has answers to all your needs and challenges. Every teaching need, every learning need finds a technology-intelligent solution in CTS. Take a look at its features and we are sure that once you start using them, you’ll be able to usher in an environment of joyous learning classrooms have never seen before. And the impact of your teaching will truly be life transforming.

Here are the Life Transforming tools of CTS that will forever revolutionize the way you learn:

Animations: with rich graphic like 2D & 3D that helps explain abstract concepts.
Topic Synopsis: for multiple concepts across a chapter for every subject and grade, helping teachers to summarize the concepts taught at the end of the class.
Simulations: to help teachers bring the virtual lab right next to the blackboard and demonstrate experiments while teaching.
Diagram Maker: a never before, step by step illustration of complex diagrams that helps teachers to explain how to make diagrams from the exams point of view, click-by-click.
Teaching Ideas: these are innovative teaching strategies that can be easily implemented inside the classrooms to make learning enjoyable, engaging and effective.
Mind Maps CTS: also provides an organized graphic presentation of concepts in a chapter covering all its aspects.
Worksheets CTS: will have ready worksheets for all chapters containing various types of elements like fill in the blanks, true or false etc.
Access to smartclass Teacher Fraternity Resources:: teachers will get access to resources recommended/created by over half a million teachers that exist in the smartclass fraternity today across the globe.
Weblinks: teachers will have ready access to a library of relevant web resources for every chapter.

How it works for you?