If you open up a cylinder which geometrical shapes will it take? Stumped! Thinking hard?

Sometimes you believe you have understood when you actually haven't. And remember true knowledge is about understanding not memorizing. Smartclass Class Transformation System (CTS), the latest offering from Educomp, will help you understand in a way you have never understood before. And when you understand better you’ll score better. And what happens when you score better? Ah, you know that, don’t you? Doors open.

Here are the Life Transforming tools of CTS that will forever revolutionize the way you learn:

Animations: with rich graphic like 2D & 3D that helps explain abstract concepts.
Real Life Application: that shall help students to appreciate the relevance of academic concepts and then apply in real life situations.
Diagram Maker: a never before, step by step illustration of complex diagrams that helps teachers to explain how to make diagrams from the exams point of view, click-by-click.
Weblinks: teachers will have ready access to a library of relevant web resources for every chapter.

How it works for you?