How well your child learns today will determine how far he will go tomorrow.

As a parent, Let us take you back to the days when you were in school. Remember learning something like say ....‘’Pollination in Flowers” in class?

Perhaps this is how you learnt listened to your teacher as she explained the concept of pollination while drawing it on the blackboard ..

And you heard a teacher explaining “Pollination is the process by which pollen is transferred in plants, thereby enabling fertilisation and sexual reproduction. Pollen grains transport the male gametes (sperm) to where the female gamete(s) are contained within the carpel;In gymnosperms the pollen is directly applied to the ovule itself. The receptive part of the carpel is called a stigma in the flowers of angiosperms. The receptive part of the gymnosperm ovule is called the micropyle. Pollination is a necessary step in the reproduction of flowering plants, resulting in the production of offspring that are genetically diverse.

And you read the same description of Pollination in your text book with some static pictures.

How much of that did you understand and then remember?

Now here’s how children in school’s that have Educomp smartclass learn about “pollination”.

Millions of children in thousands of schools across India are learning this way and thereby acquiring a superior understanding of concepts and performing better. A fact that has even been endorsed through an independent research conducted by none other than DUN& BRADSTREET one o the world’s most renowned research independent research agencies.

Now wouldn’t you want your child’s school to have Educomp smartclass?

Here’s how a school adopts Educomp smartclass:

Educomp smart class The schools enters into a contract with Educomp for a period of five years. Educomp provides the school with all the equipment and hardware and installs it in the classrooms. A Server Hub which stores all the digital mapped to curriculum content or digital modules like the one you saw (and smartclass has the world’s largest content bank of modules in the K12( Class I to XII) space. This Server is then connected to smart classrooms (the number depending on how many classrooms the school wants to be connected) where a highly efficient projection system and a very technologically advanced interactive called the DTS(Digital Teaching System) is set up. Consequently, Educomp conducts a comprehensive training programme for the teachers to make them proficient in using the system for everyday teaching.

The Financial implication of adopting smartclass is somewhat like this:

Smartclass is implemented in schools on a turn key basis. The school pays a nominal amount of fee to Educomp per month, depending on the scale of adoption i.e. number of classrooms adopted in etc. The fees takes care of all initial investments made on Hardware, ongoing teachers training and periodic support, The usage rights to the entire repository of the digital content, maintenance of the equipment and hardware and also deployment of a full time trained person inside the school to ensure smooth functioning of the program.

Educomp smartclass is now Educomp smartclass CLASS TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM

Educomp smartclass has recently announced the launch of its next generation Educomp smartclass – CLASS TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM , after an intensive and comprehensive re-engineering initiative

Educomp smartclass CTS is equipped with a whole range of teaching–learning solutions that will make your child’s learning more meaningful than ever before. Take a look at how smartclass CTS will make a difference to your child’s learning. The chances are you might want to be back in school yourself! Or at least want your child’s learning to be empowered by it.

Here’s how it make your child’s learning in the classroom a fascinating and absorbing experience:

Animations: with rich graphic like 2D & 3D that helps explain abstract concepts.
Multiple Choice Questions: with varying difficulty levels including higher order thinking.
Real Life Applications: that shall help students to appreciate the relevance of academic concepts and then apply in real life situations.
Topic Synopsis: for multiple concepts across a chapter for every subject and grade, helping teachers to summarize the concepts taught at the end of the class.
Simulations: to help teachers bring the virtual lab right next to the blackboard and demonstrate experiments while teaching.
Diagram Maker: a never before, step by step illustration of complex diagrams that helps teachers to explain how to make diagrams from the exams point of view, click-by-click.
Teaching Ideas: these are innovative teaching strategies that can be easily implemented inside the classrooms to make learning enjoyable, engaging and effective.
Mind Maps CTS: also provides an organized graphic presentation of concepts in a chapter covering all its aspects.
Worksheets CTS: will have ready worksheets for all chapters containing various types of elements like fill in the blanks, true or false etc.
Access to smartclass Teacher Fraternity Resources:: teachers will get access to resources recommended/created by over half a million teachers that exist in the smartclass fraternity today across the globe.
Weblinks: teachers will have ready access to a library of relevant web resources for every chapter.

Why you must insist on Educomp smartclass and not any like smartclass solution?

Now pioneers, (like Educomp smartclass is) have to contend with followers who come to the market with a ‘me too’ tag. Without the research, the years of evolution, and the learning from it, without an intimate understanding of needs and challenges within the classroom. But with a certain limited ability to copy, enough to make it seem similar. Of late, the market is getting flooded with such ‘smartclass like’ solutions.

Soon your child’s school and you might have a choice to make. We would urge you to make a considered choice.

And they are backed by players big and small. And suddenly, you have a choice to make.

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How it works for you?